I'm exhausted from trying to make everyone happy. I am so fucking depressed but ashamed to seek help because I'm not that depressed that I want to go to talk to someone else. I just want to wallow, does that make sense? I'm sure that's 10 shades of unhealthy, but that's where I'm at. I hate living in, it is what it is, no it fucking is not.. fuck that, check your shit man... Lately I've been nit picking the bologna out of my oldest daughter, I hate that I do that, I always apologize for my behavior, does it excuse it? Fuck no, I'm a damn repeat offender. Like wtf is wrong with my peanut? Why are we so unsatisfied with life we feel the need to just nitpick the death out of others, my significant other is currently doing that to me.... Might be why I'm transferring this behavior on to my daughter which makes it worse... On paper, it would appear..l'm a shit mom today..

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I'm really not sure what I want to accomplish with this site, I just know that I felt like I had to make a space for those who don't quite fit in. One of my grandma's favorite sayings was "they broke